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Brad Gardner's Poetry, lyrics, thoughts and reflections during the pandemic 2020 - 2022

Not Lost


I get lost

Being Myself

At what cost?

The worries of somebody else


I get lost, trying to think the same


Watch them run

Worry for fun?

Sit them down

A better version of us now


We get lost

Standing in the vague

Oh, we get lost

When compassion ain’t a thing


Help them out

When luck runs out

Fear and doubt

Won’t save us now


We’re not lost

We’re in the same place

I’ll help you out, I know you’d do the same

*Written day 1 of lockdown March 27th 2020.



If time were to share

I’d give it all to you

If I wasn’t there

I’d come running to you


Show what it means to be real

Tell me something honest that I can feel

Show me with a burst of energy

How we really got here, it’s easy to see


But who really cares?

They want to feel that too

Running upstairs, to lock eyes with you, my love


Show me what it means to be real

Tell me something honest, that I can feel

Show me with a burst of energy

How we really got here it’s easy to see

Tiny Drops of rain, let them wash over you

I't's like starting again, it's the closest thing to

being born in a sea of life

it's a beautiful show, like a kiss good night

Show me what it means to be real

Say it with your heart so I can feel, show me what it means to be alive and i'll run with you to paradise

I will never look back 

I will never give up

always be true, you're in luck

I will never look back in the sea of life

always a good show in the dead of night


 Only Love 


I tried a thousand times to get through

You’re a fortified person and I am too


It’s only love

That I’m thinking of


You let me in to get to know you

Eyes of wonder, pierced a thousand holes through

The walls of steel, that consoled you

They came crashing down, to this beautiful view


It’s only love

That we’re dreaming of


It’s forever shining in the back of my mind

Dancing with the hands of time


Fearless Heart


Oh, how I wish you could see me now

Towering glimpses of your spirit somehow

We are onto something that’s both beautiful and     alive

You can’t put it in a box, but your can let the warm sun shine


We need love

We need peace

Good enough, so we can breath


No one around us but a silent crowd

Waiting in brief moments with the time aloud

I just can’t keep my distance, because I want you to know

We have to drop resistance to absorb life’s full echo


We need love

We need peace

Big enough, so we can breath


One last thing before I go

It’s just like RTJ said “we’re walking in snow”

The curtains are open let’s put on the big show

Shine our power on the people that don’t feel like a whole


We need love

We need peace

Bright enough, for the world to see

fearless heart.jpeg

The Shroud Lifted


Was my love for certain things misplaced?

Yes, they were.

The love was real, but not aligned

When your love is misguided, your love is not pure

This is the mind, fear and circumstance moving your eternal compass


Only when you love yourself completely can you direct your heart in it’s true direction

It is rarely, if ever, being steered on the wrong path overnight

Like most things in life, it is gradual slight and nuanced

This is why it can be so difficult to know you are going in the wrong direction

The destination remains visible, however you’re vessel may be faulty and your conditions may be deceiving you 


Instead of having your sights on the destination

Have your eyes on your vessel, the telescope you’re using and on your conditions

Only then is the path bright, vibrant and clear

You are the captain of this ship and The time it took to navigate in a shroud may be the time it will take for the fog to lift and for the path to clear

You will not be fooled again, this time it’s real love




I’ve shared my plans, but at face value

I used my voice which is my most sincere attribute

Actions beyond that moment became more aloof

I chose time with others very near as proof

With that time I know we’ve all been sincere


A silver fire with you all still in my circle, has flown us into outer space

The circle keeps flickering as I stare my future in the face

But I don’t see them anymore.

New ways of doing things shows I care evermore

This love is third eye, leaving demons in the dust


Let’s see the fireworks that we can trust

In our own separate beds, dreaming sweetly

As if this day was never seeking

I see it now, I can feel us breathing 

You’re with me anyways, soundly sleeping 


The Dance 


Two steps forward, one step back

One sees progress, the other feels lack

Two steps towards the future, one foot in the past 

The dance of the present, forever in tandem

Acts of trust that seems like a tantrum 


The dance is one, not two

Even a rift cannot break this glue

What song do you move to?

The choice is up to you


Two steps forwards, one hand on your back

One step backward, with a foot in the past

Let’s meet in the middle

And just embrace the facts


There will always be judges, until the dance is complete

We move for ourselves, and not to compete

When the song is over, we will celebrate 

For this dance is ours, no one else needs to relate


Turning a new leaf


I sit here in nature with myself

Feeling a bit like a stranger not needing help

Fully guided, truly protected

With all that love has reflected

Out with the old, in with the new

Passion and honesty has illuminated the truth


Not expecting, or taking away

Living in my power, day by day

Finding new paths that will never leave me astray

Doing less, and finding more

A needed change, I had not yet explored


Forever thankful, for every stepping stone

Which now makes me feel forever at home

Rooted in family, the dragon fly has spread it's wings

Showing me the hope and potential that I can bring


Not just for myself, but others as well

What seemed like a puddle, is an endless well

I fly with the owl who knows me deeply 

No need for validation, while the deer is sleeping


Family Tree


You’ve sown the seeds

With water and wine

Never waiting on the hands of time 

What we're growing will be yours and mine


The leaves are dancing in the wind

High up above but not far away

Let’s give it one last try, it will begin

And not wait for another day


Their roots are taking hold

Of all of our souls

A beautiful tree

A beautiful being

Strength and light, will bring us what’s right


Old leaves dancing in the sand 

Unable to understand, their own decay

For our leaves are gold 

So ripe with praise


Something to truly be proud of

So wrapped in beauty, the sunshines embrace

Let's make good with our families and the entire human race


Election Day 


I wake up feeling great

I say hello to my parents and ask “how they slept last night.

"“It was okay, we were up late”."

The tv is blaring over their reply 

I’m not worried, I know the results, Trump won’t win.

*Tuesday, November 3, 2020




I just completed my 7th Vocal lesson

Where I found my own personal key to heaven

Something about the numbers 057


A path of Richeousnes perhaps on December 7th

Taking the next steps towards December 5th

I will lead with love as beautiful as the number 6

Taking actions to protect future generations

As I close old haunted doors of trials and tribulations


I lead with dignity on my own special path

Walking harmoniously hand in hand

As I teach my inner child a lesson they can understand

this is what it takes to truly be a man


The Lovers,The Fish and The Golden Wish


You wanted more, so you sat down on the floor

Feeling so much less as you let go of the stress

You looked down on your cat, as he almost stole your crown

As she lifted you up, shinning a bit your luck


You went back, found the middle track

This is where your power is

Shining bright as the sun

A Chrome bridge for everyone


Radiant and bright, even in the dead of night

There is power in your flowers, they all bend towards the sun

A peace bridge for everyone 


Two fish, basking in the starlight

Radiant in the bright light

Shinning on their backs, even when the moon retracts


This is space

It’s all for the lovers

And the fish walking among us

They shine the chrome bridge on us


It’s the middle way

Just like the Buddha said

Two sets of twins playing in the grey


Reflect our honour

In our time

Even if others 

Want the 8 to be 9


United apart

In the sun and in the dark

It’s the middle way

When they’re playing in the grey


No extremes, in our dreams

Holy light dance in the fire, making it glow bright

Walking with our children in the sacred light


United apart

In the sun and in the dark

It’s the middle way

Playing in the grey


No extremes, in our dreams

Holy light, a dancing fire 

Letting go of the desire to be right 

Walking with our children in the sacred light

With our children under that sacred light

Blake photo1_edited_edited.jpg

I believe 


I believe that ones spiritual world and will is much like that of relativity with the below mesh of gravity. If the spirit is the mesh and the planet being the force, person or intent. They dance in giving and receiving of energy. 


What I would like to know is what would happen if the receiving end gives back the same exchange of energy or force or pull, does it equalize or invert this image?

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